Ginger Fella

Ginger Fella
Legends of the Packs – Book 1

Ginger Fella – MM Fairy Tale Mpreg Shifter Romance

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A wolf prince, a half-fox bastard, sinister half-sisters, and forbidden love. Does this Cinderella story have any chance?

What’s an omega to do when he’s forced to serve his malevolent stepmother and dreadful half-sisters?

Why – sneak off to a ball, of course!

But for Flynn, it’s not that easy. Along with his family, the bulk of the Shadowall Bay pack is homophobic and speciesist, including the Alpha and his heir. Deep in the woods – late at night where he can roam free – Flynn meets a silver wolf. Both with secrets to hide, neither reveal their human forms.

Can he find his wolf at the ball or will the alpha fall into the arms of one of his horrible half-sisters?

Ginger Fella is the first book in Legends of the Packs, a collection of your favorite fairy tales retold in the modern world with shifters, alphas, omegas, and male pregnancy. The books can be read out of order, but for maximum enjoyment it is recommended to start with book one – Ginger Fella.