Caspian Untangled

Caspian Untangled
Legends of the Packs – Book 2

Caspian Untangled – MM Fairy Tale Mpreg Shifter Romance

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Time’s running out for a precious omega who doesn’t even know he’s in trouble. Will this modern-day Rapunzel be rescued before it’s too late?

A tower is all Caspian has ever known. Sure, he’s read a gazillion books about the world and watched humans interact on TV, but none of that will help him if he ever escapes his mother’s imprisonment – not that he particularly wants to. But when he sees his mother kill a seemingly innocent, pregnant fox, he begins to question her sanity and his life as he’s known it. Is his magic spire truly for his own protection?

When a sexy man appears to whisk him away, can Caspian trust his base instincts to leave the tower, or will his mother’s warnings keep him locked away?

Can the stranger convince the naïve omega that his mother is not who she claims to be, or will the evil witch gain a new plaything?

Caspian Untangled is the second book in Legends of the Packs, a collection of your favorite fairy tales retold in the modern world with shifters, alphas, omegas, and male pregnancy. The books can be read out of order, but for maximum enjoyment it is recommended to start with book one – Ginger Fella.