Love Hacked

Love Hacked
Eclipsed – Book 2

Love Hacked – MM Interracial Mystery Romance

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He’s hot as hell, he’s also off limits, for more than one reason. But when Cal’s only evidence in a crime requires the man’s unique skills, can he stay away?

He should have left and never came back. He should have run as far as he could from his past, but he couldn’t, he wouldn’t. Instead, Cal became a cop. But no matter how many lives he changed, he could never make up for his past…

Or so he thought.

When a major case lands on his desk, he must enlist the help of the deliciously sexy hacker, who happens to be friends and co-workers with the man he bullied throughout high school.

Can he finally forgive himself for his past mistakes and find love? Or will his past cost him everything?