Omega of the Enemy

Omega of the Enemy
New Alphas – Book 1

Omega of the Enemy – MM Post Apocalyptic MPreg Romance

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Iggy Enoki is devastated by his family’s death; with only his mourning mother and trusty golden retriever at his side, he is thrust into a position he never wanted. When his guards inform him, they had captured the son of the very person who murdered his family; he is ecstatic, but the minute he enters the room with the son of his enemy, his alpha instincts kick in. His alpha wants nothing but to protect the man in front of him.

Declan Lynch doesn’t need anyone’s protection; he’s an enforcer himself. So why does he want to give in to his omega instincts and accept protection, compassion, and nurture from the family his father hated?

.In this new world where alphas and omegas are no longer fiction and cities are in ruins, can the Yakuza and Irish mob come together to offer a safe haven for omegas, women, and children?