Beta in Deep

Beta in Deep
New Alphas – Book 3

Beta in Deep – MM Post Apocalyptic Mpreg Romance

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How can Dr. Jacob Millerton fill the pull he’s longed for with a beta? He’s an alpha through and through. All he’s wanted for years was an omega to settle down with and start a family. But when gorgeous beta, Hana Matsudaira, rolls into town escorting his boss, Jacob’s life is turned upside down.

Toy Yugoro has successfully ignored his burning desire for one of his best friends. Now that his two newest friends are both barefoot and pregnant, he yearns for a baby of his own, and he contemplates giving in to his need to explore every inch of Hana’s sexy body. He’s determined to have Hana satisfy his heat-induced sexual fantasy as soon as he returns from his trip north. However, when his beta returns with the new doctor in tow, Toy can stop thinking about those sexy muscles.

When it came to his best friend, Hana friend-zoned himself, but that doesn’t mean he can’t dream of the sassy omega. When his dreams start including Dr. Jacob, Hana can’t take it anymore. Stuck with a heat-crazed omega, will Hana finally give in to his desires, or can he put his foot down?

With not one but two high-risk patients, does Jacob have time to woo two people? Can he keep his loves safe while caring for his patients? Or will Jacob have to choose between his duty as a doctor or mate?