Before I get into this, I want to say thanks to all my readers. And I am sure that not a lot of authors would put this out there, but this isn’t my primary income this is just a hobby to me, so if I offend you with this post then I’m sorry, not sorry.

So I understand that not everyone is going to like my books and that I am going to get some negative reviews, especially when the protagonist is not very likeable. But nothing is worse than a DNF review. As an avid reader myself I read all kinds of books, there are books that I didn’t get into much, but I hardly ever DNF a book and when I do, I probably won’t leave a review. And I get that sometimes the book is just so bad you need too. But when someone assumes something about a protagonist AND myself because they didn’t finish the book.

I am appalled that a reader would assume that I would justify rape. I would NEVER ever justify rape just EVER. This particular review was on my new old book Love Hacked. I say new old book because this was originally released two years ago under a different title and just re-released under this title and this is the first time that I’ve gotten a review like this.

I honestly don’t care if you never want to read my books again. That’s your choice as a reader.

This book was written in first person and in Cal’s eyes what he did in high school was unjustifiable, and he’s been punishing himself since. So yes readers may interpret this as rape however, when Cal finally opens up to BOTH the second MC and Danny (book 1s) MC it is discovered he was just as much a victim as Danny was. So please, if you DNF a book because you don’t like where you think it’s going, don’t leave a review like this. The bottom line is, you just don’t know the whole story because you stopped reading it. Instead, your review could say DNF, this was just not my cup of tea, or something like that.

Please do not take this the wrong way as I have had DNF reviews before, I don’t like them, but my writing isn’t going to be everyone’s jam. However, this one upsets me as a person because of the context behind it and what it implies about me.

Usually, I do not include content warnings, however I have decided that this specific book warrants a content warning and I have since added it to the description.

On a positive note, I am ecstatic about the numbers on the re-release of this series. I did a promo for Classified Lovers for my birthday and ended up in the #1 spot on the Free Transgender Romance category on Amazon and #11 in the Free Gay Romance category this past week. I am also awaiting the editor to return book 3, Beau and the Bear, and should have it back by the 30th, release date is 9/14.

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