Classified Lovers – Release Day

Hey All,

It’s been a heck of a year, the kids are FINALLY out of virtual school. It’s going to be a short summer, but my hubby and I have a much-needed break. The sister-in-law took the kids for 3 days. I decided to take time off work as well so my hubby and I could have a staycation. With the new puppy we have we still had to get up at the butt crack of dawn to let him out to go potty but hey, it’s still been relaxing. I even took a whole 4 days away from my PC completely. It was refreshing in a way.

Anyway, so today is the re-release of my debut novel, Classified Lovers (previously named, A Spy and his SEAL). The new version has a new name, professional edits and much more. The series name has changed from Eclipse to Eclipsed to distinguish the difference between the original and the new edition. When I first wrote this, I wanted the transgender character dysphoria to not be the focus of attention in the novel, but I quickly learned how wrong I was to write it like I did. So, the new versions has a bunch of changes, mainly to the areas of the story the deal with his body and dysphoria. I hope I did trans men out there justice when I rewrote this. Check it out now.

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Universal – Books2Read

As a mom of a now, questionably trans boy (currently non-binary) – who knows these days, they are changing, so often I can’t keep up (typical teenagers) – I realize that everyone is different and is affected different by their dysphoria. Mine has gone a long way in telling us upfront how they feel, since they aren’t big on sharing their feeling with us.

Well, dang, I got off-topic, per usual. Stupid rabbit hole. Anywho, I hope you enjoy the new edition and continue to read my stories. Book two, Love Hacked, will be re-released in August, on my birthday in fact, it’s available for preorder now. I will also release book 2.5 through StoryOrigin as a reader magnet on the same day. I thought about releasing it now, but for those who haven’t read my debut series, I didn’t want to give away spoilers, although Love Most Wanted doesn’t give many away, I still wanted 2 out before I released 2.5.

Finally, Beau and the Bear is still set to release in September. I also decided against having the New Alphas series professional edited and doing a re-release on it, for the moment. But I did tweak the covers to make them more professional and added a disclaimer to the blurb advising they are not professionally edited.

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