Release Day – Caspian Untangled – Free Giveaway

Hey All,

I hope you’re enjoying Star Wars day, may the fourth be with you… Today is Caspian Untangled‘s release day. Yay! I can’t wait to find out what you think. Thanks to all my ARC readers who have already provided positive reviews.

As a release day celebration I am invading The Divas Book Lounge tonight at 8PM EST. Come join me for a chance to win autographed copies of Ginger Fella and Caspian Untangled (US Only, International readers will be given ebooks instead)

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Time’s running out for a precious omega who doesn’t even know he’s in trouble. Will this modern-day Rapunzel be rescued before it’s too late?
A tower is all Caspian Shadowpaw has ever known. Sure he’s read a gazillion books about the world and watched humans interact on TV, but none of that will help him if he ever escapes his mothers imprisonment not that he particularly wants too.
But when he sees his mother kill a seemingly innocent and pregnant fox he begins to question her sanity, is his magic spire truly for his protection?
When a sexy man appears to whisk him away, can he trust his base instincts to flee with the man or will his mothers warnings keep him locked away?
Sean Greywolf has always been an outsider, a fox in a wolf’s world. His best friends are the Alpha Heir and his cousin, they’re as close as brothers, so when Brody finds out he’s not an only child like he thought and his twin, an omega named Caspian, is locked away in some tower–Sean will do everything in his power to rescue the young man.
After getting separated from his friends, Sean finds himself wandering the cold woods alone. Seemingly lost forever, he is surprised when he happens upon the single tower he is looking for. Sean tells himself that he’s there to rescue the sweet omega, repeatedly. However, his dumb heart has other ideas.
Can Sean convince the naive omega that he’s his mate and his mother is not who she claims to be before she returns or will the evil witch gain a new play thing?

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