Caspian Untangled Paperback Available Early

Hey All,

Caspian Untangled, Book 2 in my Legends of the Pack series is now available in paperback, get your copy now, Kindle edition comes out May 4th.

Also, my editor is almost done with the Eclipse series, I’ll have it back no later than May 16th and will post the updates to Amazon ASAP. If you already read it, you will need to submit a ticket to Amazon to have them push the updates to your Kindle device, or you can wait for the box set to come out June 26th which will obviously include all the editors edits.

Beau and the Bear is live for Preorder, so you can order it as soon as you’re done with Caspian or do it now,

I have booked my editor for the New Alpha series, she will have those done towards the end of summer, I’ll keep you guys updated.

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