Caspian Untangled – ARC Review Time

Hey All,

I just got Caspian Untangled back from the editor. I am looking for ARC Reviewers. I will provide a free copy to readers who would like to leave a review, please apply on StoryOrigin. The book is already listed on both GoodReads and BookBub, the Kindle edition is available for pre-order, I will have the paperback posted a few days before the Kindle goes live so ARC readers can post their reviews before launch day which is May 4th, 2021.

I will be announcing book 3 to my Facebook Group on Tuesday as part of my #TeaserTuesday. So if you haven’t already joined please do so to check out early content. Since I am going back and releasing a re-edited (professionally done this time) of Eclipse the Series with an Exclusive Prequel at the end of June book 3 of Legends of the Pack will not be released until mid-September. This will also give me time to hopefully get ahead of the game. I have ideas for two more books at least after that.

On a personal note, I got a promotion at work, yay me, and we are STILL stuck at home with the office closed. My three kids are driving me bonkers, anyone else?

Anyway, I’m tired, I’ve been fighting with stupid drivers on my computer all day and I folded a bunch of laundry, so I’m going to ✌ out. You do you, boo.


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