Kaydee’s Updates 03/13/21 – Pro Edits/Covers/Merch

Hey All,

So as a relativity new Indie author, I’ve made some mistakes. I have also been stubborn and tried to correct those mistakes myself, however, no matter home many times I read through my manuscript the errors are still there.

As I reported a few weeks ago, I hired a professional editor to copy and line edit my books. Since Ginger Fella is my latest novel and still considered a New Release, I had that edited first. I just got the edits back yesterday and OMG I had no idea that Grammarly would miss that much stuff, the pages were full of fixes. The editor also suggested that I remove the dialect accents from the dialogue and leave just the Gaelic and French words here and there to remind readers of the characters accent. Between her suggestion and reader feedback, I have done just that.

The edits for Ginger are now live on Amazon, if you already have a copy, and you want the updates you will have to reach out to Kindle support and request they push the newest version to your Kindle device/app. I tried to get them to push the updates to all readers, but they won’t because it resets the readers progress in the book and erases any highlights they have made. If you have any issues getting the updates or received and ARC copy please reach out to me via Facebook/Instagram messenger or my email Kaydee@KaydeeRobins.com and I will send you a new copy.

Ginger’s sequel, Caspian Untangled, will keep its release date of May 4th and have the editors edits BEFORE it becomes live. I’ll have the edits back on it mid-April, to make sure ARC readers have time to read the book, I’ll get those copies out before the edits come back. The Eclipse Series will also keep its release date of June 26th. I will have those edits back by May 16th. I will immediately update the individual books at that time.

I also made slight changes to the covers removing the Author bio from the backside–since it’s at the end of the books internal content–giving room to make the blurb easier to read.

My last bit of news is my Merch/Swag. I’ve messed around with my logo a couple of times, trying different things, but I finally found one that I am happy with. I have an infinity with hearts and butterflies, so I think my new logo is perfect for me. Furthermore, I made Swag with the new logo, it’s available at https://my-store-11489301.creator-spring.com/

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