Upcoming Changes

Hey All,

So I have several things in the works. First, as most of you know my new book is coming out in six days. What you may not know is I had to change the series name. While a certain retailer allows posting of books with the words omega and alpha in the title and also allow the covers to have hot shirtless men, they don’t allow advertising of such books.

So, Omega Tales in now Legends of the Packs. The book Ginger Fella will be released as scheduled. The cover has been modified but is the same a posted a while back. That being said, you may ask, well what about my series New Alphas. Well, on that for the time being, I’m just going to not advertise those, I already updated the books covers to remove the hot sexy shirtless men 😦 but don’t worry there’s still sexy men on the covers. Eventually, I will rebrand these, probably when I go back to the series, if I got back.

If you aren’t following me on my other socials, I have also started a newsletter and revamped my website. My newsletter will be sent out twice a month and feature information on my new releases as well as other authors, while my blog will remain, random postings of my thoughts and news… Subscribers of the newsletter will get notified whenever I post blog updates as well. Check out the latest newsletter.

I am working on book 2 of Legends of the Packs, called Caspian Untangled. It’s due out in May, and I’ll have the cover reveal in April sometime.

As for the Eclipse series, being that this is my debut series, Danny and Liam hold a special place in my heart. I am scheduled to release the box set in June, the cover reveal coming in May (but I’ve given hints of it in some posts and pictures). I will be adding to Danny and Liam’s story by going back in time, so readers can experience Danny’s life as a little trans boy stuck with homophobic parents through the boys happy for now ending before the events in high school.

This epic prequel, A Boy and his Rock, will only be available in the box set. I am also planning on adding details here and there throughout all the stories in the box set as well.

As for a Spy and his SEAL. As of Feb 21st it will be removed from Kindle Unlimited, it will however, remain available for purchase for $2.99. The remaining three books will still be available on KU (and I have no plans to remove them at this time). This will allow me to expand distribution of Spy to other online retailers. I’ll have more details in the 2/21 newsletter.

Finally, before I let you go, An FBI Agent and his Partner (Eclipse Book 2.5) is now available in paperback on Amazon. The digital copy is still available free to download from Prolific Works.

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