Cover Reveal, New Facebook Group, and More…

Hey All,

First, my book, Ginger Fella, the first in a new series called, Omega Tales, will be out in a month. So it’s time to reveal the cover!

What’s an omega to do when he’s forced to serve his malevolent stepmother and dreadful half-sisters?
Why sneak off to a ball, of course.
But for Flynn Halfmaw, it’s not that easy. Along with his family, the bulk of the Shadowall Bay pack is homophobic and speciest, including the Alpha and his heir, Brody Shadowpaw, who happens to be the sexiest man Flynn has ever seen.
Even if Flynn and his half-brother can sneak into a ball they’ve been forbidden from, they would have to find an alpha that is not only willing to come out in a homophobic town but also willing to accept a half-breed fox and bastard as their mate.
Then the alpha would have to get approval from Flynn’s stepmother, which would be a miracle in and of itself.
Alpha heir, Brody Shadowpaw, hates his life. Having an endless string of prominent women on his arm is tiring; worse, his father is bugging him to settle down. The man knows that Brody is gay, but it’s the heir’s duty to settle down with a woman and produce an heir. Goddess forbid his heir has an omega father instead.
Can Flynn and Brody overcome the odds and find their way into each other’s arms? Or will one of Flynn’s half-sisters end up in the arms of the sexy alpha?  

My second bit of news is my new Facebook group. Come join my new group to talk about and discuss my novels and many more.

I also have a Twitter and Instagram both are @KaydeeRobins

Finally, I need ARC Readers like yesterday. When I started writing I made the mistake of thinking Word would catch all my errors and my first book paid dearly for it. While I know there are still errors, they have much since approved. I need readers who actually like my plots and look past the minor grammatical errors to combat the grammar snobs that negatively rate my books just because there’re errors. If this is something you’d like to do please email me or message me on Facebook or Instagram,

Alright, alright, you’ve waited long enough. Without further ado here is the cover of Ginger Fella.

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