New Release and Updates

Hey All,

So this is about a 10 days late… It’s been a crazy month. I literally almost lost Deep in the 11th hour. I was finishing final edits only hours before Amazon’s cutoff and accidentally deleted an entire folder instead of a single file.

Being an IT professional myself I am still baffled (two weeks later) how the software program was able to delete files that were OPEN. That’s right, they were opened. That was the only reason I didn’t lose the entire book was because I had it opened when it got deleted, so I was able to resave it. I lost all of the covers and art work I had already done. It was a nightmare.

Luckily I already had the covers posted to Amazon, I did have to redo some work but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be and I got it submitted to Amazon with an hour to spare. But needless to say between that and work I had to take a few days (or week) to myself before I could even think about working on any books again.

Any who, I spent the next day moving and reorganizing my books and files out of the auto generated folders that I had been using.

So check out the new book, Beta in Deep, linked below. As I state at the end of Deep, I may or may not be done with that series, but I am done for now.

My next book is also in the works, Ginger Fella, which will be the first book in the series Omega Tales. The Omega Tales Novels will be, you guessed it, is your favorite fairy tales retold with omegas, shifters, and male pregnancy. I’ve got the Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s book of fairy tales sitting next to me during my planning phases. While my versions won’t be as gruesome (maybe) as the Grimm’s it’s not going to be the happy Disney version either. Check out the link below to preorder Ginger Fella now.

And finally, I set a date for the box-set for The Eclipse Series to be released. The box set will include an exclusive prequel, A Boy and his Rock. The Box-Set is now available for preorder as well.

Beta in Deep
Ginger Fella
The Eclipse Series – The Complete Box Set

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