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The Eclipse Series 
Book 1
A Spy and his SEAL

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Like M/M Romances?
Second Chance Romance?

Danny Murphy has a past that he rather forget about, but that past includes the love of his life that he hadn’t seen for the last six years, Liam O’Neal. Liam had managed to avoid him every time he came home by purposefully being “busy” during the holidays. On top of it, the past six years has only added to Danny’s secrets. Between the coffee shop that he has grown to love and his travels “writing a travel blog,” he can keep his mind off of Liam and their rocky past. However, when Liam comes home for Thanksgiving, all hell literally breaks loose.

Liam O’Neal’s life had been perfect until it wasn’t. His boyfriend of 5 years, Danny Murphy, left him at prom and never talked to him again. He waited for two years before he had enough and joined the Navy to get away. He worked his ass off, going through SEAL training and becoming one of the youngest SEAL team leaders in the history of the SEALs. When his fathers talk him into finally coming home for Thanksgiving six years later, all he can think about is making sure he makes it through the night without allowing Danny into his heart again. When he is shot with a specialized hollow point bullet, his world crashes around him, and he realizes that he brought Navy trouble home and endangered his entire family. Well, at least he thinks that he’s the one who brought it home until Danny reveals his secret life.

Can the two makeup and work together to bring safety to their family and friends?

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