Freebie Novella – Companion Book to the Eclipse Series

Hey All,

I’m happy to announce the release of a short novella featuring FBI agents Stark and Rogers. They are support characters that are mentioned in book two and again in book four.

The timeline of this story starts towards the end of book two.

An FBI Agent and his Partner is a great companion book for the Eclipse series, as it doesn’t have to be read, but it does give insight into loose ends from A Cop and his Hacker.


Jim Rogers and Andy Stark have been FBI agents for fifteen years. They went to the academy together and have remained partners ever since. As members of the FBI CARD team, they have been tasked to lead raids across the country after a small-town cop stumbled across a child trafficking ring.

When a raid in Los Angeles goes terribly wrong, the two are forced to confront their hidden feelings for each other.  Can the two maintain their friendship and partnership while pursuing the new love blossoming between them? Or will they lose each other completely?

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